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Every year (when there is not a pandemic) around the end of May, Elizabethtown, Kentucky holds a festival know as BBQ, Blues and Bikes. Although I'm not a biker, I have regard for this event that draws bikers from far and wide. It's no comparison to the Sturgis rally mind you, but I'm proud that our town hosts this event. Like many Americans, I'm intrigued by the mystique of the machines as well as the infinite variety and uniqueness of people who ride them. Not only are they strong and independent, but there is also a sense of belonging that they share. I've personally known only a few, and was pleased to discover that they have a great sense of humor beneath the tough exterior and a refreshing authenticity.

As technology constantly changes and cultures adapt and change, one may find that outward appearances may change. However, the American sense of independence, strength, and mobility remains. I'm attempting to capture that sense in this current painting I'm working on, and so I'm including a play on a motorcycle brand nicknamed Hog by painting the rider as a boar, and perhaps as a reference to the American fondness of BBQ. I'll check back with you as I make progress and complete the painting. Stay tuned for another unique facet of this painting that may be revealed later.

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