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A Bentley for Christmas

You may be thinking by the title that someone is receiving an extravagant fine automobile for a Christmas gift. No doubt someone in the world will be the ecstatic recipient of such an exquisite mechanical work of art.

However, in this case, I am referring to a creature that has a motor which purrs beautifully. A friend of mine adopted a cat from a shelter that named him Bentley. It turns out that he was quite expensive, and not because he ate caviar and drank champagne. The poor guy developed various health issues over the years, including cancer. His treatments from the vet became quite expensive, and then eventually he had to be put down.

So my friend asked me to paint this watercolor of Bentley to give as a Christmas gift to her family. No doubt they will miss him, but hopefully they'll also remember the joy and comfort he brought whenever they look at the painting. Bentley Manning will not soon be forgotten.

One of the subjects I paint are pets, currently living or deceased. Why wait until after a funeral to have a pet portrait painted for someone you care about? It doesn't have to be exclusively for Christmas, either. They can be given as gifts for any occasion! Check out my prices and other information for commissioned paintings today. Let me know what special subject you would like me to paint for you or your loved ones.

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