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An Unusual Medium

Occasionally I receive requests to work in mediums other than what I'm used to. In this case some friends needed a solution for the mistaken deliveries to their new home. As nice as their new home is, there has been some confusion on the part of delivery drivers with larger packages because there was no address number on their house. The number was on their mailbox located with other mailboxes across the road, but it gave no indication as to which mailbox their house belonged to. The lack of numbers on the house would also make it confusing for new visitors who had never been there.

My friends asked me to build a large sign that could be seen from the road in order to remedy the situation. I was happy to help them with this challenge. A local Amish sawmill supplied the unfinished cedar lumber. It doesn't decay as easily as other untreated lumber, and I like the color and beauty of it. Then I got busy, even though there was somewhat of a learning curve. Even though I've hand cut and built picture frames, this was a larger scale project working with 4"x 4"posts and 1" x 8" boards.

After lots of hand planing, sawing, chiseling, drilling, gluing and joining, the assembled wood pieces were ready for a clear sealer to resist weathering and fading. Then came cutting the numbers out of galvanized sheet metal, filing, sanding, drilling, and spray painting. They were fastened to the sign with small finishing nails, which also needed touching up with black paint. The happy homeowners received their new sign a week ago, and are now glad to eliminate the confusion for delivery drivers and new visitors!

As always, I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. Also let me know if there is any way I can help you!

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