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On this Friday that commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and during the Passover, I find myself feeling helpless. As an American, I guess I often feel like I should be doing something. The painting I've been trying to work on has come to a standstill for today because I'm at a place where I have to wait for a background layer of oil paint to dry before I can proceed. Then I try to busy myself with other needful tasks around the house before the quarantine is over and it's time to start the retail rat race again. Oil needs to be changed in the garden tiller. A post hole needs to be dug for a clothesline post and several other tasks could be done.

Then I realize not only do they not have to be done right now, but also that I should probably just chill for once. I really begin to notice afresh the details of the natural blooms around me, and realize that only God could make those. Likewise, there is nothing I can do to save myself, nothing I can do to be good enough. I could never do enough or work enough to be accepted by God. Only God can do it. I'm reminded of Hebrews 4:10, which reads, "..., for anyone who enters God's rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his." In fact the whole chapter (Hebrews 4) clearly explains why and how we can enjoy true rest from God. He takes care of it all. Whether He protects the children of Israel from the death angel because of the blood applied to the doorposts and lintel, or He saves me by the spotless

Lamb of God who shed His blood for me, God did it all. I'm so glad I can lean in to Him and rest.

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