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The Year in Review

We all could agree that 2020 has been a crazy ride, no matter where one is geographically or politically. Perhaps you can relate to a line from a Phil Keaggy song, "Stop the world, I want to get off!..." It sort of feels like we're on the bus in the movie Speed, where some deranged maniac has set up the situation, and it is not in our favor. To be sure, there is an enemy who absolutely hates us, and loves messing with us, though we can't see, hear, or touch him with our natural senses. The good news is there is good news. It's hard to fathom in the depth of the insanity, but there is someone else who absolutely loves us and has given everything for our rescue. Again, it's hard to perceive with our natural senses.

My prayer is that God opens the eyes of our understanding, so that we can each perceive the truth and respond accordingly. May 2021 be a year of increased understanding and unfolding of the truth so that we're not deceived and duped and terrorized by the world system. Like Roger Daltrey sang, "We won't get fooled again." I also have the hope of producing more and innovative art. This introductory video is just a small taste and I look forward to revealing more to you as I complete the work. I want it to become clearer as time goes on.

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