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What happened to your site?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

If you have previously visited my website, you may have noticed that it has now changed. You may have wondered, "What happened?!?!" Well, a positive change has been long overdue. This has been in the works (at least in my mind) for some time. It felt frustrating that I had only a few images on the site at a time, and not because I didn't have more to upload. It also felt stagnant and not very user friendly. It seemed like I wasn't reaching very many and that my original paintings were not getting before people to view. In short, it is time that I get growing as an artist, and my previous parameters have not been allowing for growth.

Therefore, I hope you'll join me on this journey. My goal is to streamline the experience for anyone who visits the site and that it will be enjoyable and cause you to want to come back. Of course, change is not often easy, so there will likely be some adjustments made over the next few weeks. This site is not meant to be a print on demand site for images I have created, although there are venues for that. This is a place where the viewer can see my original paintings and feel free to comment or ask questions any time. It's also a place to give the viewer the opportunity to obtain original, one of a kind works of art.

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